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It’s hard to tell someone what to expect when expecting because the reality is that pregnancy is different for everyone. Some women go through nine months of agony while for others, pregnancy is bliss. According to Buzzfeed, women have detailed some of the crazy things that happened to their bodies during their pregnancies – things that they wish they knew before.

  • Pregnancy Insomnia – As if you aren’t about to enter the biggest event of your life that will definitely deplete you of energy
  • Hemorrhoids – Ughhh no thanks!
  • Separating Pelvis at 7 Months – This legit sounds like a nightmare
  • Morning Sickness… Every Single Day – That might as well be a 10-month flu
  • (Tailbone Pain) – Coccydynia – apparently your whole body hurts when you have a headache
  • Debilitating carpal tunnel – Forget trying to wash your hair, cook, and even show without immense pain
  • Pubic symphysis dysfunction – this basically mimic the symptoms of a broken pelvis.
  • Bladder Issues – cough or sneeze and there’s a high chance you’ll also pee your pants

Source: Buzzfeed