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Sometimes weddings bring out the best in people or reveal their true colors and that seems to be the case for one bridezilla and her selfish demands. Her sister was shocked when she got the wedding invitation and it didn’t include her husband, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair. She took to Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” section to explain how the situation gets even worse from there.

When she asked her bride-to-be sister about the invitation, she said he was welcome to come, but requested that he not be in any family photos. It turns out, she doesn’t want him stealing the spotlight in wedding pictures because he’s “different.” The bridezilla justifies this by saying that when people see their family photos, they always ask about the man in the wheelchair because he stands out and she “wants to be the main focus” in her wedding pics.

After hearing all this, her sister was “livid” and went off on the bride, yelling and calling her selfish. She informed the bride they wouldn’t be coming to the wedding, but instead of getting support from her family, she was asked to apologize for upsetting the bride. Her husband is fine with not being in the pictures, but she’s angry at her sister, parents, and other relatives for taking the bride’s side. She writes that she feels “like this is an issue I need to fight for” and asks Reddit if she’s wrong and most users assure her she’s not.

Source: Reddit/Wedding Shaming