The world is full of bugs. And though I don’t particularly like bigs, they need a home too. This is why Parkdean Resorts created the world’s first The Grand Bugapest Hotel.

This bug hotel is the perfect pitstop for creepy crawlies to settle down and stay safe this winter. Because we don’t want them to get squashed do we? The Grand Bugapest Hotel is inspired by the great Wes Anderson film “The Grand Budapest Hotel” which first hit screens in 2014, and has won numerous BAFTA and Oscar awards.

With stylish yet cozy interiors, Parkdean’s interpretation of the Grand Budapest Hotel is sure to make every creepy-crawly feel as snug as a bug – quite literally!

Bug hotels, also known as insect hotels, are safe and protected places where creatures lay eggs and stay safe from predators. So no, you can not actually stay here. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, although many insects have some ability to withstand the winter, the colder the temperature drops, the fewer species will survive the conditions, resulting in a decline in numbers. This is why Parkdean Resorts has taken the matter into its own hands. Thus, they created this pretty awesome bug hotel for hibernating insects to take shelter this winter.

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