US Google Searches in 2020: 11.4M Category: Media & Entertainment Total Social Followers: 0 Total GIFs: 171 Wikipedia Page Views in 2020: 6.4M Number of Charities Supported: 29

Who run the world? GIRLS! Well, women actually.

As a brand, The Body Shop is inspired by women every day and strives to empower women through self-love, both in their products and messaging. That’s why The Body Shop undertook research to find out who the most influential women were. These women include everything from singer-songwriters to politicians.

For this list, The Body Shop looked at the number of searches each person has received over the last year. This includes how many social media followers they have, the number of GIFs associated with each woman, the number of charities they support, and Wikipedia views. Here are the top 20 most influential women in the United States.

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