Are you a dinosaur lover? I used to be petrified of them, but now I'm obsessed. On the 27th of 2009, a new dinosaur species was discovered. Australia by paleontologists on a sheep farm in Queensland discovered what is now known as the Savannasaurus elliottorum. A new species of dinosaur known as a sauropod is located in an area where other sauropods flourished. Similar dinosaurs to this species are the brontosaurus, which is also known for its thick, pillarlike legs and long neck.

Luxury phone case company Caviar launched their newest phone case that features a real dinosaur tooth from over 80 million years ago. They call it: Tyrannophone.

The case is black and gold and features a 3D dinosaur head made out of titanium. And yes, what makes this case extremely special is the fact that one of the teeth on the dinosaur head is the fragment of an actual dinosaur tooth. One that dates back over 80 million years. But, there’s no information on where Caviar got the 80 million-year-old tooth or where it was originally found.

The case also sports gold plated jewelry alloy inserts. Other than a real T-rex tooth, this case also features a real piece of amber as the dinosaur’s eye. This case is only compatible with iPhone 13 Pros.

All of these features make the case worth over $8,600. There are only 7 cases available to purchase.

See what it looks like here.

Source: Mashable

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