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A 16-year-old NC girl who was missing for several days was saved by using a TikTok hand signal to indicate that she was in danger. A 911 caller that knew what the signal meant alerted authorities after seeing a young passenger in a vehicle make the signal and police were able to save her and arrest the man.

What is this signal? Here is everything you need to know about it. We never hope you need to use it, but it is definitely good to know. The gesture was first introduced last year by the “Canadian’s Women’s Foundation” to address the rise in domestic violence that was happening during lockdown.

  • That signal? A palm facing out with the thumb tucked into the fingers (like you’re making a ‘four’ with your fingers together) – then bringing the four fingers down and extending them up again. Then repeat this action.
  • Doing these three hand gestures combined means there’s “violence at home” or “needing help.”

The hand signal can be used in a variety of circumstances, even during a video call or when answering the door. See it HERE.

Source: Metro