NBC News says Nashville pastor Ezekiel Ndikumana did a lot more than just deliver a sermon on Sunday. With quick thinking, he took down a gunman who threatened the congregation during service.

This past Sunday, Ndikumana led the congregation at Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church just as he always did on Sundays. He was in the middle of leading the congregation in prayer when 26-year-old Dezire Baganda walked to the front and pointed a gun at them. Police say Baganda told everyone to get up and waved the gun around.

With no hesitation, and thankfully before any shots were fired, Ndikumana tackled the man to the ground. The pastor managed to grab the gun away with the help of other parishioners. The gunman, Dezire Baganda, was arrested and is facing more than a dozen counts of aggravated assault.

He is not a member of the church, but Ndikumana says Baganda has attended services before.

Police say Pastor Ndikumana’s actions were very “heroic” and stopped further violence that could’ve happened. The pastor told reporters “I would say that God used me”.

Source: NBC News

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