This is the kind of story that just has me asking what the ****. Where are these kids’ parents and what kid thinks this is a good idea peer pressure or not. Listen I get it we all did stupid stuff in middle and high school. But that doesn’t excuse terrible decisions. And a terrible decision is just what a group of students made in Winston-Salem. The middle school students allegedly stole the car keys along with cash from their teacher’s purse. The students then got behind the wheel and crashed the vehicle into a tree, according to the local sheriff’s office.

According to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, the suspected students stole car keys and a purse with cash out of a tote bag belonging to a teacher at Wiley Middle School.  The incident has also been confirmed by the local school district. Police reportedly saw the vehicle around 7 pm and later responded when it crashed into a tree. The driver took off and three passengers were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at the hospital

According to ABC 15 a spokesman for the school district said security and surveillance cameras helped law enforcement identify the students.