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Some people dream of finding “The One” so they can tie the knot and settle down, but marriage isn’t for everyone. And according to Tyla, one woman is revealing that she’s found her dream relationship … with no romance involved. In a TikTok video, April Lexie Lee explains that she plans to spend her future with her best friend, but it’s not sexual or romantic. They plan to be “platonic life partners.” I think I could totally get down with this. (Knock on wood but…) if anything ever happened to Dallas, I think I could raise my boys with our former Aupair Elena. We’re best friends, she loves my kids and she can read my mind. Sounds like the perfect life partner to me?

April shares the details in a video she dedicates to “anyone who believes that their soulmate is their best friend.” She explains that her bestie has been living in Singapore and they’ve been friends for 11 years and have had a long-distance friendship for the last five years, but her BFF just moved to Los Angeles so they can start a life together. She talks about all the things she sees in their future, including buying a house together, starting a retirement fund together and even possibly adopting a child to co-parent as friends.

In one very sweet moment, April calls her best friend the “love of her life” and says she’s the person she chooses to “do life with.” But their friends and family aren’t so sure. April says they expressed concerns about the friend moving across the world for them to be together, but she points out that they wouldn’t be questioned about it if they were lovers. Most of the comments from her followers are supportive and encouraging though.

Source: Tyla