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Are you a dinosaur lover? I used to be petrified of them, but now I'm obsessed. On the 27th of 2009, a new dinosaur species was discovered. Australia by paleontologists on a sheep farm in Queensland discovered what is now known as the Savannasaurus elliottorum. A new species of dinosaur known as a sauropod is located in an area where other sauropods flourished. Similar dinosaurs to this species are the brontosaurus, which is also known for its thick, pillarlike legs and long neck.

Jurassic Park was one of the first “thrillers” I remember watching.  I think I was like Six or Seven when it came out and I even had the backpack with matching lunch box and thermos.  Like most kids, before that movie came out I had only saw dinosaurs in kids books and in the cartoon movie, “The Land Before Time.”  So when a very real-looking T-Rex popped up on the screen, as a young kid, you were introduced to a new kind of fear.  And somehow, it would’ve been just as frightening if you replaced the T-Rex with a cat.  Watch below, haha!