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Parents are calling out the way their children’s school pictures are being retouched. The optional service is now being offered to students as young as pre-K and allows parents to pay to have their kid’s blemishes and scars edited out. They can also get their teeth whitened. But it turns out, the photography companies that snap the portraits are going overboard and editing out more than that. Thus leaving some parents outraged.

Whitney Rose, a mom of two from Utah, was shocked to see that her three-year-old son’s hearing aids appear to have been “softened” out of his school photo. Both of her kids and her husband are deaf and she’s an advocate for the deaf community. She told FOX News she puts a lot of effort into making sure her son feels proud of his hearing aids.

But when she got the photo proof, Rose says it looked “like they had used a skin softening and brightening tool or something” to erase the hearing aids. Bell Photographers has denied editing the photo, but this mom isn’t buying that or the pictures.

  • Another mom, Kristin Loe, got her son’s school photos back and saw his freckles had been edited out, which she didn’t appreciate. “Can I just have his freckles back,” she tweeted. “Don’t change things that are actually a part of a child’s face.” And some parents are upset that retouching is even an option for kids’ school pictures.
  • Maryland mom Jenn Greene points out that having awkward school photos is a “rite of passage” and retouching them sends a message to the child. “To actually retouch and change a child’s features, you’re basically saying you’re not good enough the way you are, so I’m going to pay to have you made better,” she explains. “I just think that’s crazy.”

Source: Fox News