Though other prototypes existed, it took a woman's common sense to create a dishwasher that actually cleaned the dishes. Cochran's design was the first that used water pressure rather than scrubbers to remove debris.

The Daily Mirror says a news reporter named Michael George is now viral for showing how he cooks steak by putting it in the dishwasher. And no, I’m not joking.

CBS Reporter Michael George posted a video on Twitter showing the whole process. First, he seasons a steak, places it in a plastic bag, and vacuum-packs the plastic bag shut. Michael then places the whole thing in the middle of the top rack in his dishwasher. He starts a 96-minute cycle with weirdly nothing else in the dishwasher.

After it’s done, the video shows that the steak looks cooked. He then sears it a little in a pan with some garlic and herbs. The last part of the video shows a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak that I must say looks very delicious.

The video has almost 4,000 views on Twitter with the caption: “Omg it actually worked! I cooked a steak in the dishwasher and it came out AMAZING!”

Personally, though, I think it’s quite a waste to run the whole dishwasher cycle for a single steak. I guess it’s cool to know that it works, but I don’t think it’s worth trying.

Would you try it?

Source: The Daily Mirror

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