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If you grew up playing Donkey Kong, and loving the character, you’ll be pumped to hear this news; apparently there is a Donkey Kong movie in the works.

Seth Rogan is reportedly staring in the movie, and will voice the iconic character, but the movie is still being developed.

If the movie does come to fruition, this will become the second computer-animated movie through Nintendo, as a Super Mario Bro movie is already in the works too, starring Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, and Anya-Taylor Joy.

Now, while fans are beaming about the news of a potential Donkey Kong movie, it’s important to remember that a lot of movies stay stuck in the “development” stage for years. Lets just hope fan reaction to this one will speed up the process so we can get that movie out!

You know what Nintendo movie I think they should make? A Duck Hunt movie… that would be interesting!