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LEVITTOWN, NEW YORK - MARCH 16: An image of the sign for Ulta Beauty as photographed on March 16, 2020 in Levittown, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Every run out of a makeup product at the worst time? I can’t tell you how many times my eyebrow pencil has reached the end right before a big event, or I lost my foundation right before a big trip.

Make makeup brands are only available in stores at ULTA and Sephora, and so it’s not as easy as just running to the nearest grocery stores to replace products. If you ship from those store, it usually takes standard shipping times too, which when you’re in a rush, is definitely not ideal.

ULTA announced today that they have partnered with DoorDash to offer same-day delivery options. Now, before you start jumping for joy, there is a catch. The service is only available right now at select locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Boise, Idaho. More stores will be adding the same-day delivery service in 2022, so lets hope that Charlotte is high on that list!

I think this is a great service. Makeup is one of those things that when you run out, you need a replacement pretty quickly, so it makes sense that they would offer this service. My only question, is how much those delivery and service fees are about to cost.


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