Thought history there have been thousands of reported sightings of ghosts, demons, and supernatural beings in the U.S. Most paranormal experiences take place at venues like haunted houses, abandoned hospitals, deserted theaters, and old cemeteries. But which are the spookiest cities, towns, and locations in every U.S. state?  Treetopia set out on an online ghost hunt to find out! Can you guess what the most haunted places in North and South Carolina are?

Treetopia dug through the ultimate online database of paranormal activity, Ghost Sightings of America, and the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index. They set out to find the most haunted states in the country but also the most haunted city and location within each state. These rankings are based on the number of recorded ghost sightings. Take a look at the graphic below to see the most haunted places in North and South Carolina and where they rank on the list.

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