This story is the most mind-blowing thing I’ve heard in quite a while. Get this: 80-year-old Norman Ruff recently fist-fought a bear that broke into his home in Ontario, Canada.

Around 1:30 am one night in July, a male black bear broke into the home of Norman Ruff and his wife Lois. All the commotion woke the sleeping couple, and Norman came downstairs to find a ceiling-tall black bear standing in his kitchen.

Norman told the National Post, “As soon as he seen me, well that was it. He meant business. He roared — oh boy!”

Norman fought the bear with only his fists for about 20 minutes! The bear jabbed him a few times, but Norman got in several good punches too. He told police, “He gave me a couple of good slaps. He was flinging his arms around…”

During the altercation, Norman managed to open the door and the bear eventually found his way out.

Norman suffered nerve damage to his thumb after the bear yanked on it with its mouth. The local hospital treated him, where he became quickly well-known as the man who fist-fought a bear.

Overall, the 80-year-old is okay and happy to have survived the encounter. Bracebridge Ontario Provincial Police even more recently awarded Norman with a Citation for Bravery.

What would you do if you found a bear in your kitchen?

Source: National Post

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