When was the last time you cleaned your carpet? Not just vacuumed but deep cleaned. If you’re anything like me it’s probably been a while. Well that carpet, it’s probably dirtier than your toilet seat or your bathroom. And if you’re like most people you probably clean that bathroom a lot more often. And while you might think keeping your carpets clean is as simple as vacuuming and the occasional shampooing or steaming it’s not. The American Lung Association actually does not recommend carpet as the primary flooring in your home. But if you do have it that carpet, they say it should be vacuumed three times a week with a HEPA filter to truly be safe.

But is this overkill? Carpet can’t really be that gross can it? Well, HomeAdvisor wanted to find out. So they analyzed the carpets in three different homes to see exactly what’s lying beneath the surface and if that carpet is really dirtier than a toilet seat.

Key Findings

  • Even in regularly cleaned floors, skin cells and fungal spores can build up enough to be visible in vacuumed dust samples
  • The germy content of carpets can vary widely, but our samples contained more than thirty times as many germs as a refrigerator door handle and more than sixteen times as many germs as a cellphone
  • About one in four people said they’d eat food that fell on the floor with little to no hesitation, regardless of whether the floor was carpeted

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