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OnlyFans is the platform for making bank off of content you wouldn’t post on Instagram. As the site makes a name for itself, celebrities are hopping on the opportunity with paywalled content, too… and they’re making some big bucks. Here’s what celebs are getting paid on OnlyFans:

  • Bella Thorne was one of the first big names to join OnlyFans. She went viral for launching her account back in August 2020, which she claims she did for “research” purposes. The research paid off, since she was the first creator to make more than $1-million in 24 hours, and $2-million in her first two weeks, which briefly crashed the site at the time.
  • “Big Brother” alum Elena Davies took a literal approach to OnlyFans that earned her $17 per month for around $61,000 per a year. After making a secret account on the site, she started posting pictures of herself fully dressed with electric fans, and mixed those in with “sexy selfies.”
  • “Too Hot To Handle” alum Harry Jowsey made headlines when he revealed he was a top earner on OnlyFans back in August. He later confirmed that he’d already made more than $1-million on the site in just a few months.
  • Corinna Kopf revealed on her friend David Dobrik’s YouTube channel that she made $4-point-two-million in just a month thanks to her OnlyFans. The first picture of her “twins”? That alone put $165,000 in her pocket.
  • Bhad Bhabie – aka Danielle Bregoli – made a name for herself on “Dr. Phil,” and these days she’s making bank on OnlyFans. The star revealed she made more than $1-million on her first day– in just six hours, to be exact.

Source: Us Weekly