Have you ever experienced paranormal activity? As a child, there was a house in my neighborhood where a body was left in for 6+ months to decompose. It was only discovered when the house foreclosed and the bank sent a cleaning crew. Obviously, the stench was a dead (pun unintended) giveaway and they called the cops. While it was later determined the man didn’t die there, I was convinced this house had to be haunted. Forget going there to trick or treat once people moved in, (and coincidentally most didn’t stay long). I wouldn’t even walk my dog on that side of the street. While I can’t say for certain it was home to a paranormal spirit it wouldn’t surprise me. However, the fact that 83% of people report experiencing paranormal activity in their own homes does shock me a little.

Cinch Home Services recently conducted a survey of over 800 people about paranormal activity they have experienced in their homes. This could be anything from unexplained noises, lights flickering, or actual ghosts. They asked about the types of houses these hauntings took place in, what respondents’ experiences were and how they reacted. We also turned to the population at large to see how Americans who hadn’t yet had a supernatural experience would feel about it if they did. Keep reading, if you dare.

Some study highlights Americans Report on Their Paranormal Experiences in their Home:

  • 83% of people have experienced paranormal activity at least once in their home – 76% say it happened in their current home
  • 1 in 10 people moved out of their home after a paranormal experience
  • The most common paranormal experiences are hearing sounds (46%), lights turning on and off (42%), and hearing voices (35%)
  • Homes built between 2000-2019 account for 43% of haunted houses – those built in the ‘80s and ‘90s only account for 31%
  • 41% of people are willing to live in a haunted house – 55% are willing to live next to one
  • Over half are willing to buy a haunted house, but 59% expect to pay less for it
Another surprising statistic is that just 4% of paranormal experiences happen in October. So much for it being the spookiest time of the year. Maybe ghosts just aren’t that into celebrating Halloween?