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While some people can get on a plane and instantly pass out for the entirety of a flight, there are plenty of folks who find it incredibly difficult to sleep no matter how tired they are. One of the main obstacles of sleeping on planes is the lack of comfort, but one woman has revealed her surefire life hack for getting shuteye on the plane and it’s so simple you’ll wonder why nobody’s ever thought of it before.

TikToker @hellokristen recently shared a video explaining the “best idea of (her) life, when it comes to plane sleeping. “I have purchased like five different neck pillows and they all sucked,” she shares. “I wish there was something would just hold my neck in place, kind of like a neck brace, so then I had an epiphany: why don’t I just buy a neck brace?’”

So, that’s what she did, spending $7 on a neck brace at Walmart. “If I am traveling for more than eight hours, I do not care how I look. It’s all about comfort,” she said. “To be honest, if you get the dark color, it doesn’t look that ridiculous and you can wear a big sweater or a big scarf to cover it.” She adds, “When you lay back, your neck is not going anywhere.”

The post has since gone viral 14,000 likes and 200 comments, with many praising her idea.