Ever wondered if someone has died in your home? Maybe because you feel like your home is haunted? Or if you’re looking to buy a house, wouldn’t you want to know if someone died in your future home BEFORE you buy it?

That’s why DiedInHouse.com exists. It’s a website where you can pay $11.99 to look up your address and see all the records on file for previous deaths in the home.

This video from the website explains that in many states, the possible deaths that occurred in a home are not considered as the material facts that are required to be disclosed before you buy a property. However, and it goes unsaid that a death in the home, especially a more violent death, can drastically affect its price and time spent on the market. It probably also affects whether or not you’d be interested in living there. I know it would for me.

A report from DiedInHouse.com includes:

  • Property information
  • Names associated with the property
  • Deaths that occurred at the property whether by murder, suicide, accident or natural
  • Any incidents involving fire at the property
  • Any meth activity
  • Sex offender registry for the area
  • And more….

For more information, visit DiedInHouse.com.

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