Footage of a group of boaters out at sea rescuing a dog has gone viral. Bryn Crowell and some friends were on a recent boat ride near Fort Lauderdale, Florida when they noticed a small dog-paddling in the ocean far from the shore. She posted a video to TikTok that shows one person swimming to the boat holding the dog and another bringing the pup aboard the boat. The viral video has garnered more than 10-million views.

In a series of follow-up videos, Crowell says they called the number on the dog’s tag and made contact with the grateful owner. They took a 20-minute boat ride to return the dog, whose name is Zuko, to his owner, who was “crying and thankful.” The owner gave the rescuers $300 for gas and to show her appreciation.

Zuko’s owner says the pup was playing on the boat “biting” at the waves when he must have gone overboard. When they noticed the dog was gone, they doubled back and searched, but weren’t able to find him. The owner has since taken Zuko to the veterinarian, where he got a clean bill of health and he also got a new bright orange dog life jacket. In the last message from Zuko’s owner, she expresses her gratitude again. “I cannot thank you and your friend enough,” she says. “You guys saved him and my family.”


Final update on Zuko! Home and healthy, vet approved. Owners have learned their lesson, no need to ream them in the comments.

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