Earlier this year the City of Charlotte issued a newspaper bag mandate for yard waste. As a result of the new order, Solid Waste Services will no longer collect plastic bags with yard waste.

The City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services is offering free paper bags to Charlotte residents collecting yard waste. The event takes place today, October 23. This free city event will be held at 1200 Otts St., from 11 am until 3 pm.

This paper bag switch is a big deal for the Charlotte area. This will help make the city a greener environment. For any plastic bags used, a $150 fine will be associated with the continued use of plastic bags. Yard debris may also be taken, in paper bags or reusable containers, to a Mecklenburg County full-service recycling center.

According to the City of Charlotte website, paper yard bags and reusable personal containers can be purchased at local discounts, hardware, and home improvement stores. Only compostable, paper yard waste bags will be accepted. Compostable plastic bags are not accepted as they are not accepted by the yard waste disposal site because they compromise the integrity of the compost product.

In addition to local stores, beginning July 5, there will be a limited supply of paper bags available for pick up, at no cost, at the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services’ office (1105 Otts Street) and any of the Mecklenburg County full-service recycling centers. For more information on the mandate, please click here.


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