My first thought immediately went to the Alfred Hitchcock film ‘The Birds’, a movie that 20+ years after I saw it still terrifies me to this day. But this isn’t the town of Bodega and it’s a slightly more intimidating avian creature. Buzzards have taken over the NC town of Bunn. Bunn is located in Franklin County between Raleigh and Rocky Mount and as of 2010 had a population of just 344.

Bunn, NC 27508

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Throughout the past year, the buzzards have treated Bunn, NC as home. According to the Raleigh News & Observer they are ‘congregating at every available location’. A few days ago on Wednesday 28 could be found on a cell tower while 21 decided to take in the sights at the local high school. And with that, I’m again reminded of ‘The Birds’ when they were all perched on the jungle gym. And that’s not an image I ever want to see in real life, on a screen, or in my mind.

SFGATE reported that one resident Ally Leggett counted 58 of the buzzards also known as turkey vultures, on her property including her yard, roof, fence, and on her garage. Some apparently have eaten vents off the roof of a restaurant and others have caused damage to the bricks on residents’ homes. Why the animals have decided to take over the town remains a mystery, and numerous attempts to scare them off have failed.

Bunn High School was able to keep them away temporarily by firing a propane cannon throughout the day and night. While successful at first the birds returned. Vulture sculptures along the roof also proved unsuccessful at keeping the buzzards away from this NC town. According to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission killing, injuring, or harassing the birds violates both federal and state laws. If I couldn’t sell my home I’d have to say I may seriously consider taking my chances with those laws. Thankfully I don’t live anywhere near Bunn and I don’t plan on visiting any time soon now that I know this.



The Birds