Lucky visitors of Comic-Con in New York got to see this couple duel in a lightsaber battle, then get engaged!! It started when Elijah Catrone and his girlfriend Tina Yao dressed up as Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade for the 2021 Comic-Con in New York City.

Fellow comic-con attendees filmed the couple as they performed a lightsaber fight. Then, in the middle of the duel, Elijah gets down on one knee. He digs something out of his pocket and presents Tina with a ring. The audience squeals and Tina says, “Oh my God, is this real?”

Tina accepts and Elijah picks her up and spins her around in a happy embrace. TikTok user @destructagon captures one point of view of the exciting proposal.

Have you ever seen a public proposal like this? Have you ever been to Comic-Con?

Source: Daily Mail

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