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A mom in California is starting her college career at the same college as her son and they’re both playing sports there, too. Brandi Mitchell is a 45-year-old freshman at San Diego Miramar College and so is her 18-year-old son, Maverick. They’re also both athletes, she’s the co-captain of the soccer team and he’s on the water polo team. And believe it or not, they love playing for the same side.

Brandi played soccer during her youth and her passion for the sport only grew as she got older. After having two kids, she joined several women’s leagues and the “age advocate” believes women can “play at every age.” Over the summer, she enrolled in a conditioning course with the Miramar soccer team and her skills were so good, they offered her a spot on the team. Maverick thought his mom was joking when she first told him, but now he loves seeing her get her second chance with the sport.

Now he’s getting used to life as a freshman and a starting goalie on the school’s men’s water polo team, all while his mom is on campus with him. They even take a class together, Microsoft Excel, where Brandi jokes about the “role reversal” of her teen knowing more than she does. But the mother-son duo know their biggest fans are in their family and Maverick says their college experience “definitely has brought us closer.”

Source: Good Morning America