Sisters Nina Goodall (R) and Ivy Goodall, follow a Zumba lesson online at their home in Kaipara Flats on April 02, 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Sun says survey conducted by NOW TV reveals the truth about how competitive siblings are with each other. Even long into adulthood. The company sent out the survey in time for the release of the third season of Succession on HBO Max. The series follows the Roy family, whose members face struggles as they head an entertainment conglomerate called Waystar RoyCo.

A representative from NOW tells The Sun that “sibling rivalry never goes away, with many of us competing with our brothers or sisters long after we have left home. It’s great to see this rivalry taken to a whole new level in the best show on TV.”

The survey also revealed that one in five adults surveyed felt they felt competitive with their siblings through every stage of their lives. They also found that the oldest siblings are the most competitive as well as the most successful. Sisters are also more competitive than brothers, the survey reveals.

The top 10 places where siblings still have competition include:

10. Parenting skills

9. Gifts for parents

8. Who got the best grades at school

7. Who drives the best car

6. Cooking skills

5. Sport success

4. Holiday destinations

3. Who is the parents’ favourite

2. Housing success (ie: who bought their house first, who has the biggest house, etc.)

And the #1 is…..Career success

Do you have siblings? Do you still feel in competition with them for certain things?

Source: The Sun

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