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AUDUBON - APRIL 26: The Audubon High School football field where former star quarterback Joe Flacco played sits empty April 26, 2008 in Audubon, New Jersey. Flacco was selected in the first round of the NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens as the 18th pick overall. (Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images for Reebok)

We have a segment on The MRL Morning Show where the four of us (Maney, Roy, LauRen & Producer Nicole) pick a local high school football team to root for each week. The only rule is that each week you have to pick a different high school. Losses are finally starting to occur, and we just announced the loser’s bet. Loser’s bet this year is they have to stand outside of a busy intersection holding a sign in their underwear. Let’s see what happens this week.


The teams we picked for week 8 were: 

Maney: Weddington High School

Roy: West Mecklenburg High School

LauRen: Statesville High School

Producer Nicole: Independence High School


Everyone won their games, bringing their records to:

Maney: 8-0

Roy: 7-1

Producer Nicole: 7-1

LauRen: 6-2


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