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Light therapy lamps are great for boosting your mood if you're experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder due to the shorter days and reduced sunlight during the winter months.

Being unhappy at work can affect every other aspect of your life. It’s no surprise that job issues are heavily talked about in therapy. You’re truly not alone if you find yourself doing just that. Here are some of the most common job problems that therapists say their clients bring up:

  1. Realizing your dream job is not actually what you want.
  2. Navigating conflicts with co-workers and bosses, such as a reluctance over voicing concerns.
  3. Returning to in-person work and pre-pandemic levels of productivity.
  4. Dealing with microaggressions and stereotyping, including a hesitation over using PTO.
  5. Feeling out of sync with work/life balance and a pressure to always “be on.”
  6. Feeling under-appreciated at work or not proper opportunities to grow.
  7. Feeling burnt out and unmotivated.

Source: Inside Express