Stunt work is terrifying! A contestant on America’s Got Talent: Extreme was severely injured after his stunt went very wrong on Thursday night at Atlanta Motor Speedway. 41-year-old Jonathan Goodwin tried to execute an escape from a straitjacket while suspended upside down 70 feet in the air.

The goal of the stunt involved him trying to escape before two cars suspended on either side of him were swung into him. Unfortunately, the timing of the stunt was off and Goodwin was not able to escape before the two cars smashed into him. Right after the cars swing into him, they both exploded in a giant fireball upon impact. Goodwin then fell to the ground below, hitting his head.

The NY Post says the professional stuntman was severely injured and rushed to the hospital, where doctors performed surgery. Goodwin’s current condition is not known, but I am really hoping he is okay and recovering.

This video shows the stunt-gone-wrong, which can be hard to watch. Watch at your own discretion.

Source: NY Post

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