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While it may seem that magazines and TV ads are always trying to push women to lose weight and workout so they can look their best, gals are far from the only people with such vanity concerns. In fact, lots of men have issues with their body, and some would be willing to do anything to change that.

A new survey finds:

  • 20% of men say they began to lose confidence in their looks by the time they reached 30.
  • 50% say they are less confident in dating after 30 because of their looks.
  • 37% of men say they usually gain weight between September and January, chalking it up to football season.
  • 53% say they gain 10 pounds or more.
  • 39% of men say their belly is the physical attribute they’d most like to change about themselves.
  • In fact, many would be willing to give up some of their favorite things just to have a six-pack.
  • For example, 37% would give up football and other sporting events for two months if they could get a six pack or simply a flat stomach.
  • 25% would be willing to give up their love life for two months.
  • If given the choice of getting a promotion at work or losing 20 pounds, 30% would opt to lose the weight.
  • Men may feel bad about their looks due to what they are seeing around them, with 68% saying social media promotes unhealthy body standards for men.

Source: SWNS Digital