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Coach has vowed to change its ways after an activist exposed their practice of destroying “unsalable” items according to Insider. Waste reduction and diversion expert Anna Sacks runs the popular Instagram account The Trash Walker and a TikTok account by the same name and she recently posted an unboxing video showing a haul of Coach purses that were all ruined with cuts and gashes in them.

In the clip, Sacks says she bought the bags from a dumpster diver who resells her finds. “They’re all slashed, which is Coach’s policy,” she explains on the TikTok video. “They order an employee to deliberately slash it so no one can use it, and then they write it off as a tax write-off under the same tax loophole as if they were accidentally destroyed.” She calls out the retailer for promoting that they care about sustainability on their website, pointing out a “Don’t ditch it, repair it” slogan on their website.

In response to her video, Coach put out a statement on Instagram, claiming it will stop slashing and dumping merchandise it can’t sell. “We have now ceased destroying in-house returns of damaged and unsalable goods,” it reads. They say they’ll “continue to develop and implement solutions to responsibly repurpose, recycle and reuse excess or damaged goods.”

Source: Insider