CHICAGO, IL - MAY 23: Traffic jams up on the Kennedy Expressway leaving the city for the Memorial Day weekend on May 23, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. AAA forecasts the number of drivers taking to the roads for the holiday will hit a 10-year record. The motor club expects roughly eight in ten Americans to take a road trip during the long weekend. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

If you’ve travelled around the U.S. by car, you know the way people drive certainly isn’t the same everywhere. And some states most definitely have worse drivers than others.

Quote Wizard used insurance quotes to determine where states rank with having the best and worst drivers. They based their findings on four main factors. They looked at the number of accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations per state. Here’s what they found:

Top 25 WORST Drivers:

  1. Iowa

  2. North Dakota

  3. Virginia

  4. California

  5. Alaska

  6. Utah

  7. Idaho

  8. New Jersey

  9. Tennessee

  10. Wisconsin

  11. Nebraska

  12. Oregon

  13. Rhode Island

  14. Wyoming

  15. Maryland

  16. Massachusetts

  17. Ohio

  18. Washington

  19. Kansas

  20. South Carolina

  21. Montana

  22. New Mexico

  23. Colorado

  24. Florida

  25. Vermont

Top 25 BEST Drivers:

  1. New Hampshire

  2. West Virginia

  3. Oklahoma

  4. Kentucky

  5. Illinois

  6. Delaware

  7. Louisiana

  8. Michigan

  9. Arizona

  10. Connecticut

  11. Missouri

  12. Pennsylvania

  13. Arkansas

  14. South Dakota

  15. Alabama

  16. Hawaii

  17. Nevada

  18. Maine

  19. Texas

  20. Minnesota

  21. New York

  22. Mississippi

  23. Georgia

  24. North Carolina

  25. Indiana

In each individual category, here are the results of some neighbouring states. Tennessee ranked #1 as the state with the most accidents and #2 with the most DUIs, but it was had the least amount of citations. South Carolina was ranked as the #3 best state for the least amount of DUIs.

Source: Quote Wizard

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