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Getting your kids to actually do their chores is a chore in and of itself for most parents, but one dad has come up with a brilliant way to get his kids to finish their duties, and somehow we think parents may follow his lead.

A handwritten note shared in the Facebook group “Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas,” reveals what one dad goes through to get his kids to finish their assigned chores and it’s pretty brilliant. The letter reads, “Unload and reload the dishwasher – then take a pic of it. Then walk the dog and take a pic of it.” He then tells them to send him a picture of it done, and then and only then, “I’ll tell you where the power cord for your Xbox is. Thanks!”

As you can imagine, plenty of parents were all for this idea, calling it “fantastic” and “genius.” One person even chimed in with their similar method, noting “I turned off WiFi for an hour until chores were done last weekend. Worked a treat to get people moving.”

Source: The Sun