8. The abs, the snake, the outfit... Britney Spears 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance lives on.

Halloween is just a few weeks away and if you’re looking to find the best musician-inspired costumes, look no further. Billboard has already done the work for you. They found that Amazon has some amazing costumes that are sure to win you the best costume award.

Britney Spears is said to be a trending costume this year, and one of her most iconic looks, the red catsuit is available for purchase. The suit was featured in her “Oops…I did it Again” music video. The suit sells for $29.99.

Amy Winehouse is another good option and is pretty easy to pull off. Amazon has the temporary tattoos that are similar to Amy’s. Grab a classic black beehive wig and you’re all set!

Elton John is always a favorite at parties. There are several iconic looks from the singer, but one of the best is his 1975 Dodgers Stadium concert outfit. The costume includes the jumpsuit, belt, and hat, which are all covered in bling.

Freddie Mercury is also a big inspiration for Halloween costumes with his infamous bright yellow, multi-buckle jacket. The jacket comes in a Halloween costume set with white pants with a red stripe down the side.

Billie Eilish actually gave her stamp of approval on this costume. The costume comes complete with a neon green oversized shirt and shorts combo with “duh” and “bad guy” graffiti graphics. It also comes with a head wrap and a face mask.

Have you ever dressed up as a musician for Halloween? If so, who? Which musicians do you think most people will dress up as this year?

Source: Billboard

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