Discover a unique approach to creating art on location: start with a loose, colorful watercolor sketch, let that layer dry, then add details in ink. The result? Sketches that are more vibrant, dynamic, and fun! Learn and practice this technique for yourself with Color First, Ink Later: A Dynamic Approach to Drawing and Painting on Location from Charlotte-based Urban Sketcher Mike Daikubara.

Location artists can learn creative techniques, on-location advice, and plenty of visual inspiration from this Urban Sketching Handbook series. With their compact, carry-along format and elastic band closure, these reference guides are perfect for throwing in a backpack or artist’s tote. Other titles from the Urban Sketching Handbooks series include Understanding Light; Panoramas and Vertical Vistas; Drawing Expressive People; Techniques for Beginners; Complete Urban Sketching Companion; Drawing with a Tablet; 101 Sketching Tips; Working with Color; Sketch Now, Think Later; Understanding Perspective; People and Motion; and Architecture and Cityscapes.

The author of two books in The Urban Sketching Handbooks series—Sketch Now Think Later and Color First, Ink Later—Mike Daikubara began carrying a sketchbook in 2000 so he could communicate better and faster at his design day job. Now he sketches daily to see, understand, and enjoy.

A Japanese-American, Mike grew up between Tokyo and New York City, attending an international school with kids from all over the world. He currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Find him on Instagram here. Color First, Ink Later publishes January 4, 2022. It will sell for $19.99.

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