If spooky houses aren’t your thing anymore during Halloween, maybe a haunted forest will give you the thrill you need.

From seeing spooky spirits, concerning locations, and frightful generations of tales, here are four hair-raising forests where you can see if you are as brave as you think you are. One of them is in North Carolina and we will save that one for last.

The Appalachian Trail specifically in Bluff Mountain, Va. and is a sad spooky tale. In 1892 a missing 4-year-old boy named Ottie was found dead there.  The case was never solved but visitors who hike the four-mile stretch where he was found say they see an apparition of a crying little boy that disappears when approached.

Bloody Lane Trail in Sharpsburg, MD. This is the site of a huge civil war battle where 20,000 men perished. Visitors claim they see and “feel” the dead confederate soldiers. Pine Barren, New Jersey. Home of the “Jersey Devil” for more than 250 years.

And Devil’s Tramping Ground, Bear Creek, N.C.  The pine forest is home to campgrounds that are rich in naturally occurring salt licks which could explain the barren 40-foot circle there.  But plenty of folks believe the strange vegetation-free ground is due to the devil pacing around in a circle.  To learn more check out their website right here.

Written by Catherine Lane