And if there weren't enough weird and pointless holidays, today is national can opener day. Yes, you read that correctly. We celebrate the can opener because there was about a half-century between the invention of canned food and the invention of the can opener? How the heck did people open those cans? Go celebrate by opening a can today with your handy dandy can opener.

Newsweek says Kira Wennerstrom just moved into a building in southwest Colorado that dates back to 1904. She found an old cellar with preserved food and even decided to try some of it!

Kira first went through all the food she found and posted a video about it on TikTok. The video garnered over 835,000 views, close to 112,000 likes, and more than 1,200 comments. It shows the hatch of the mysterious cellar they found while renovating and the dusty mason jars filled with unknown food.

Kira posted part two of her and her dad actually trying some of the food on October 8th. This video garnered even more attention with more than a million views, a little over 99,000 likes, and close to 2,000 comments.

In this video, they open a jar labeled “salad dressing” that her dad says smells like mayonnaise. They both refuse to eat it, and I don’t blame them.

One of her most recent videos shows them trying a cat food-like substance containing beef heart that Kira’s dad seems to like, but Kira does not. The can is labeled “Potted Meat Food Product”.

Would you dare to try old food found in a cellar? Are they crazy for trying any of it?

Source: Newsweek

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