This past weekend, the Eagles played the Panthers right here in Charlotte at Bank of America Stadium. Mediaite says during the game, one particular men’s bathroom drew much attention when people started seeing two pairs of feet under the door of a stall.

Someone called @hickleberry_ filmed the two people coming out of the stall and posted it on TikTok, where it has now gone viral. The video currently has over 11 million views, close to 910,000 likes, and over 19,000 comments.

The video shows the couple’s feet under the stall with the caption “Things you see at Panthers Games”. The group of men gathered in the bathroom can be heard in the video, shouting and hollering. Then, the two people come out of the stall where several police officers are waiting for them. The officers quickly handcuff and arrest the man. It is not clear whether the woman is also arrested or what charges were brought against them if there ended up being any.


Bro was getting the sloppy jalopy and got arrested for it. Free my mans

♬ original sound - hickleberry_

The Philadephia Eagles did win the game 21-18 against the Panthers. So, I guess this couple decided to celebrate right there in the men’s bathroom.

Source: Mediaite

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