It’s almost Halloween and many people are searching for costumes. According to Design Bundles, artists like Aaliyah, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott are at the top of the list.

The data was compiled from Rolling Stone’s top 500 artists, Forbes’ top 100 earners, then the list was checked for those celebs who were searched in conjunction with the word “costume.”

Topping the list was Travis Scott, but it wasn’t his signature rockstar, grunge style people searched for. It was actually his costume choice from 2020, Batman, that trended with the “Astroworld” rapper.

Coming in next was Ariana Grande and her oversized Cloney Benji hoodie in mustard yellow with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti boots. Then, Aaliyah’s iconic looks come in third with Marshmello and Cardi B following behind.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Will you copy one of these celeb’s previous Halloween costumes?

Source: Rolling Stone

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