Cameo is a video service that allows you to pay actors, musicians, reality TV stars, and other public figures for personalized shout-outs. Since its spooky season, they have developed a special “Halloween Section” that features tons of creepy characters and horror movie icons.

You can request a Halloween message on Cameo from creepy characters and beloved actors from Halloween movies, including Pennywise, Mark Patton (Jesse from Freddy’s Revenge), Danielle Harris (from Halloween), and Kimberly J. Brown (from Halloweentown).

Now I will say, the pricing ranges from $10 all the way up to $350. One of my favorites on the site is Pennywise. He would cost you only $100 for a twisted message. I also really love how Kimberly J. Brown from Halloween Town is available for purchase. She is pretty much my childhood.

If you want to buy a Halloween spooky celebrity shoutout all you need to do is search, select and wait for the video call. You can see how to buy it here.

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