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Football may be dominated by guys, but a pair of sisters in Chicago are bringing girl power to their high school team. De La Salle Institute is now home to two standout female kickers, the Loza sisters. Mia Loza got her start on the football team after the school’s football coach, Mike Boehm, saw her skills with a soccer ball. He was so impressed, he asked her to come be their kicker.

She’s now in her second season as the Meteors’ starting varsity kicker and she’s racked up more than a dozen extra points so far. And after watching Mia’s success, her younger sister, Sissi, wanted to do the same. She’s got the footwork to back up her ambition and is now kicking for the JV football team. “You can see when they’re working on their stuff at practice,” Coach Boehm says, “they’re helping each other out and coaching each other up.”

While Mia and Sissi are making history at De La Salle, history is repeating itself for their family. The teens’ mom was also an impressive athlete when she was in high school. But back then, her school didn’t have a girls team, so she became the first girl to make the boy’s team. “Leaving her mark on her high school was something really big for her,” Mia explains, adding. “I think it’s really good for our school, seeing that there’s girls who can do something that boys can do.”

Source: ABC 7