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Adele said she wrote "Someone Like You" to help her get over her breakup with Alex Sturrock, a 31-year-old photographer. Lyrically, it speaks of Adele coming to terms with the broken relationship.

Adele recently revealed that she works out two or three times a day, which helped in her 100-pound weight loss, but experts are now warning folks against following in her footsteps. Adele says she is now “addicted” to working out, but experts suggest such extreme fitness routines can be bad for our body, specifically, your muscles, joints, and immune system.

“Maintaining a moderate exercise routine is an essential component of leading a healthy lifestyle,” WebMD chief medical officer John Whyte tells the “New York Post,” “But working out two to three times a day is way too much,” noting such excessive exercise often results in “a plethora of overuse injuries.” Whythe notes that too much exercise can put “stress” on muscles, bones, and organs, and they really need time to heal, or “their function can begin to deteriorate.”

He also adds that it can be bad for the immune system, because the body will produce cortisol to react to the chronic stress it’s in, and high levels of cortisol “can suppress the immune system’s ability to ward off disease.”

NYU Langone sports surgeon Cordelia Carter also notes that too much working out can be bad for emotional health as well. She says that exercising the body releases endorphins, or so-called “happy hormones,” which can give folks a boost of energy, but too much of that can cause mental and emotional burnout. She explains, “too much exercise over time will begin to feel like a job rather than a pleasure, and that can reduce the joy we get from it.”

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