ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 13: Adele performs at Adelaide Oval on March 13, 2017 in Adelaide, Australia.

Adele tells Vogue magazine that she was taken aback by the reaactions to her weight loss, particularly by the reacations from women.

“The most brutal conversations were being had by other women about my body. I was very f—ing disappointed with that. That hurt my feelings.”

“My body’s been objectified my entire career, ” she noted. “It’s not just now. I understand why it’s a shock. I understand why some women especially were hurt. Visually I represented a lot of women. But I’m still the same person.”

In early 2020, Adele revealed she had lost about 100 pounds after exercising over a two-year period. Many complained that the singer was “too skinny” and others criticized her desire to lose any weight at all.

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