People trick-or-treat in a Brooklyn neighborhood on Halloween night on October 31, 2015 in New York City. Throughout the country children and adults are dressing-up in costumes to both scare and entertain as they make their way through neighborhoods collecting candy treats.

The Washington Newsday says this woman’s Halloween display went viral after her neighbor posted it on TikTok. The display shows two skeletons pole dancing while several other skeletons are watching and throwing dollar bills at them.

Kaila Darcel (@kailadoscope) took a video of her neighbor’s hilarious display and posted it on TikTok, saying she “won Halloween”. Two gold skeletons wear pink wigs as they straddle the poles of the house. One is even upside down. In the corner of the porch, there are several other skeletons watching with their mouths open. The display even shows presumed fake dollar bills being thrown at the gold skeletons. WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion plays in the background of the video.

The video on TikTok currently has over 2.9 million views, close to 367,700 likes, and over 3,000 comments.

The homeowner @aceangee commented saying, “Hey, that’s my house! Thank you for the love and the positive feedback” with Kaila responding “The mastermind herself has entered the chat.”

Some of the comments echo the neighbor’s excitement about the display. One user @maggie1997_ said, “If they don’t give out chocolate coins I’d be highly disappointed.”

Other people on TikTok are saying the display is inappropriate for young children that will see it while trick-or-treating.

What do you think? Should the woman take down the display or leave it up until after Halloween?

Source: The Washington Newsday

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