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CONSTABLE, NY - JUNE 28: An ambulance, believed to be transporting convicted murderer David Sweat is escorted by N.Y. State Police to Alice Hyde Medical Center on June 28, 2015 in Constable, New York. Escaped inmate David Sweat has been shot by law enforcement and was put in custody in Constable, NY, north of Malone and near the Canadian border. On Friday Richard Matt, who escaped with Sweat, was shot and killed in the same area. More than 1,000 State Police, Border Patrol, correction officers, FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been searching for the pair since they were discovered missing from a prison in nearby Dannemora on June 6. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The world may now know who the infamous Zodiac Killer was.

The Case Breakers revealed yesterday evidence points to Gary Francis Poste being the serial killer who terrorized Northern California in the late ’60s. However, Poste will not face charges connected to the Zodiac’s five murders because he died in 2018.

The Case Breakers also believe Poste is responsible for an additional death in Riverside, California which was not previously linked to the Zodiac. Investigators say they were able to unmask Poste as the killer after spending years searching through his darkroom.

However, those involved in the investigation and Riverside PD says Poste is probably not the Zodiac Killer. But, The Case Breakers say the RPD won’t even do DNA testing to find out.

Source: Fox News