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Well, this caught my attention.  According to Kidspot,  A pregnant mom in Australia decided to get a Brazilian bikini wax before the birth of her baby, but she barely made it. Lacey has had them done plenty of times before, including when she was pregnant with her first son and wanted the hair removal done again to “make things easier down there” when the baby was born.

She’s such a pro, she says the Brazilian waxes don’t usually hurt at all. And she figured at 38 weeks into her pregnancy, she still had plenty of time to prepare. But at the appointment, Lacey started feeling some strange pains and she blew them off as Braxton Hicks contractions, also known as “false labor.” So she stayed put and finished her bikini wax, pain and all. In fact, this mama was so convinced it was nothing that she finished up at the appointment, went out to lunch and to a movie afterwards.

But at that point, Lacey was doubled-over in pain and decided she better head to the hospital. And that’s when she learned that she was in active labor and had been all day, even during the wax! Her baby boy was born a few hours later and has a pretty memorable birth story, but it’s not an experience Lacey wants to repeat. “I’d have another Brazilian if I ever have more children,” she told Kidspot. “But have one during labor again? No!”

Source: Kidspot