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(Photo by Gert Eggenberger/Getty Images)

One person was killed in a terrible accident on I-77 Wednesday morning. The crash shut down the interstate for hours as we reported on the air.

According to WBTV, their station vehicle “Storm3” was involved in a minor accident prior to the fatal crash.

State Troopers told WBTV that “Storm3 was involved in a crash against the left side jersey wall and became disabled just before 6 a.m. on I-77 south.” Apparently, two other vehicles then stopped behind Storm3. When according to troopers; a car signaled to merge into traffic, it was “struck by an SUV sending it across 3 lanes and into a metal bridge rail.”

Highway Patrol confirmed 35-year-old Tanish Ashley Key Berry, died as a result of the crash.

It’s not a good look when your traffic reporter has to say there was a fatal wreck that involved their station vehicle on live tv.

Sad story for sure.