If you’re like me, you think stuffed crust pizza is one of the best things in life. And when I found out about this job, my mouth was watering! But too bad you can only apply if you live in Great Britain. BOO! Pizza Hut is looking to hire a stuffed crust taste tester! Their job will be to taste several of their new products and simply rate them. Two of these include a cheesy garlic butter stuffed crust and a pepperoni and cheese stuffed crust. Both will be available for a limited time.

Pizza Hut is offering their newest Chief Crust Taster £5000 (or $5,800) to do this job. You know how much pizza you could buy with that!! Even though you’ll probably be very full after completing this job, LOL!

The Chief Brand Officer for Pizza Hut UK and Europe Amelia Riba said, “We always strive to deliver the best taste for our customers. That’s why we’re appointing a Chief Crust Taster to ensure that every Stuffed Crust pizza is tried and tested by an experienced Stuffed Crust fan.”

Find more information on how to apply here.

What is your favorite kind of stuffed crust pizza? Should Pizza Hut bring this job to the US?

Source: Dorset Echo

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