WLKY says Louisville, Kentucky’s Waverly Hills Sanatorium is opening its doors for the lucky winner who gets to spend all of Halloween night inside the abandoned mental hospital.

Bidding for the Halloween night sleepover began on eBay on October 1st. It will end on October 10th. As of October 6th, the highest bid offer stands at $2,500. All the money raised will go to the Waverly Hills Historical Society in efforts to renovate the sanatorium.

The lucky winner will be able to bring 20 people to spend the night in the renovated bunkhouse on the grounds. They will also be allowed to wander and investigate the grounds from 8pm to 4am on Halloween night. And if I had advice to give these winners, it’d be to NEVER split up or let someone go alone…

Organizers of the bidding are targeting fans and investigators of the paranormal. They’re saying for people to bring their own equipment like microphones, recorders, and cameras to see if they can gather any evidence. Ouija boards and seances are not allowed.

Would you ever spend a night in a well-known haunted location? Would you ever want to go ghost-hunting? What is your favorite paranormal show or movie?

Source: WLKY

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